Sometimes it can be a battle to get a chess program started at a school, but if we can make a positive impact on just one child then all the effort has been worthwhile.

Hi David,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing chess to our school. My son is one of the youngest in prep class this year. Before he joined chess club, he struggled at school. We even had a conversation with his teacher considering keeping him back a year to repeat prep. This was not a desirable solution for us but he clearly was behind. Since he has started playing chess with Chess Kids, I am so delighted at his progress not just with chess but also with reading, sounds and numbers, so an extra year is no longer needed. We have not done anything different but added chess to his regular routine and I attribute his academic progress to the ability to develop logical thinking and concentration though a fun and engaging environment of playing chess. Again -many thanks

Kind regards,

Ena ( Christopher’s and Sean’s mother)

This is the unseen benefit of chess and hard to measure. We hear the same story again and again and with all ages and in all areas. Each time a teacher or principal hears these sort of stories and sees the impact then we’re one step closer to achieving our vision.