I was told off by Carl for playing 1-minute chess on the internet and given lots of alternatives! I thought I could share these with you so that you’ve got plenty of chess to do this summer while your regular coaching, club and tournaments are on holidays!

First, you can read our December Issue of Knight Times

2. Download and read all our back-issues (right back to 1995). There are games, puzzles, articles, lessons, stories and even un-funny jokes!

3. Work on your tactics each day for at least 15-20 minutes. Some sites you can use to help your training are:

Both are free to register and you can get a tactics rating.

4. Read up on your chess strategy, news and analysis

Check out photo’s of top players at chessbase, and study some analysed games and positions to learn from the best players in the world

5. Chess Mazes and games


Chesscafe has loads of interesting articles about all parts of the game….the best are the chess mazes, and Seirawan’s column where he annotates games.

6. Play chess games online; some sites suggested:

These games should be a MINIMUM of 15 min per player!!! Don’t play speed games. If you play a brilliant game email it to your coach (or to us to put on the website or in Knight Times)!

7. Watch some lessons online

Here is one FM Chris Depasquale did the other day with the Chess Kids team going to Hobart for the Australian Junior.

Lesson on Tactics and Strategy

8. For some shorter lessons on video – try out www.iChess.com.au

There are free trial video lessons by Chess Kids and you can subscribe for $49 to get access to the full library of videos.

9. Stay right here on Chess Kids and browse through our old chess coaching articles, solve our chess puzzles, play chess against the computer and more…

10. Take your Giant Chess set to the beach!