Chess Coaching

Educational Chess Lessons

We teach many valuable Thinking Skills using chess as the medium. Chess lessons with a chess coach usually target a particular year level. We recommend Grade 3 as a starting point. Schools such as Doncaster Primary, Wesley College, Tintern, Fintona, Our Lady of the Assumption, St Paul’s and many others have found chess an invaluable educational tool.

Recreational Chess Coaching (Chess Clubs)

For students with an interest in chess, a Chess Club is an excellent activity. While developing chess playing skills and preparing for tournaments the participants just happen to be building mental muscles! Chess provides an extra-curricular opportunity to shine for those who might not otherwise do so.

Incursions and Demonstrations

We come to your school for a day or a part-day and run a custom program. This involves an introduction to chess, master classes, Play the Master and more…


Chess should be a part of every school’s culture. We can facilitate community involvement in the school through chess. Chess after all is one of the few activities which can be truly cross-generational.