When I started a Chess Club at St Philips College this year, I had a number of girls interested in joining. They did not know how to play but were keen to give it a go, so with their friends they attended Chess Club each week.

They have all come a long way. The benefits they have received from playing Chess are unimaginable. From the social interaction with many other students (male and female) that they did not know, to the problem solving, analytical and strategic skills they are now developing.

Chess is increasing their confidence, stimulating their minds and making them smile. Things like; making decisions and seeing the consequences, learning from their mistakes and moving on, all permeate into to their daily life, giving them a solid platform to assist them as they grow. The beauty of Chess is that it is a life long skill and it has no social, cultural, age or language barriers. What a perfect game to bring people together!

Yours sincerely,
Jacky Brown
Chess Coordinator

St Philips-Alice Springs-chess letter (PDF)