Chess players at an Interschool Chess Tournament I recently attended were very very tall and some were so so small.  Their ages ranged from prep to Year 6.  The knowledge of chess by some of the tinies was amazing.  I was blown away by the way the big kids looked after the little ones.

Winning a round was exciting but players coped so maturely with a loss.  I never heard one outburst or temper tantrum from losing.  When there was a dispute about a particular move there were no arguments  the “arbiter” was called in to resolve the problem.

Parents are, of course, always welcome to attend Chess Tournaments and it was inspiring for me to see the enthusiasm and encouragement from mums and dads as their little ones competed.  One particular mother of a preppie was so thrilled that her child just took part.  She mentioned that he really wasn’t interested in much else but he loved to take part in a game of chess.  He really enjoyed playing with his dad at night.

After a few hours of playing chess every child received a certificate either for participation, credit, distinction or high distinction.  Some were lucky enough to get a medal.

What a fun way to spend a few hours!

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