School Chess Coordinators

This 1-day program is designed to help teachers, parents or volunteers who want to run a chess club or facilitate a chess program in their school.

You will learn:
• The benefits of chess
• How to do your own chess coaching
• How to organize a tournament
• To find free resources
• To find funding or volunteers
• To use the skills of the students in your school

At the end of the day you will take away with you:
• Enough chess lessons for 6 months or more!
• Tournament management software
• Other resources (all free!)
• Websites to visit

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Melbourne – 

Dates, TBA

Course runs from 9.30am – 3.30pm

Cost $385 (includes gst)

Venue: 758 North Road, Ormond, Vic 3204

*Register and pay for your course before the start of August and receive a free Demonstration Chess Board (rrp $99)

Download and complete the Enrolment Form.

Download a PDF sample of some of the coursework  eyes_of_a_child. Sample of some of the notes.

Course Outline

Topics we cover include:

  1. History of Chess
    1. Structure of chess admin
    2. Tournaments, ratings etc
  2. Chess Skills
  3. Lecturing to kids
  4. Activities for classes
  5. Tournament games
  6. Vocab / glossary

Chess Topics we cover:

  1. Basic rules of the game
  2. 3 Golden Rules
    1. Control the centre
    2. Develop your pieces
    3. Castle
  3. Weak spot
  4. Electric Fence
  5. Pawn Wall & Pawn Chain
  6. 4-move ++
  7. Forcing moves / spot test
  8. Forks
  9. Pins
  10. How to get out of check (Kill, Block, Run)
  11. Famous Players
  12. The Royal Waltz

And we clarify any Unclear Rules

  1. En passant
  2. Promotion
  3. Draws
  4. Pawn moves
  5. Castling