The South Australian Junior Chess Championships in the primary age divisions were held over the Term 3/Term 4 break. The Under 11 and Under 10 Championships were played as a combined Swiss event for six rounds, and then split into two Swiss-draw sections for the last three rounds.

In the State Under 11 Championship, Mahesh Umapathysivam dominated his rivals, being the only player, in any of the three tournaments, to survive the two days undefeated.
S.A. U/11 Championship. 6 players.
8/9 Mahesh Umapathysivam
6.5 Konrad Pilch
5.5 Ashwin Utturkar
5.0 Stephen Elley
4.5 Anna Balabanski
3.0 Micheal Maurici

The Under 10 event was keenly contested, with the Milosh Ristic – Christopher Bierton game deciding first and second place. Diana Davidovic’s (8) decision to play in a higher than necessary age group was rewarded with a third place finish.
S.A. U/10 Championship. 14 players.
8.0 Milosh Ristic
7.5 Christopher Bierton
6.0 Diana Davidovic
5.0 Robert Farrier, Rupert Pedler
4.0 Nick Stuart, Alex Warneke, Natalia
3.0 Kate Morissey, Sawan Naker,
Henry Stevens
2/5 Lucinda Cooper
1.0 Valda Ebatarinja
1/5 Jordan Peters

Syam Heitmann was well on the way to again winning the State U/9’s with a 100% score, having beaten his main contender in the third round, but he stumbled against James Obst in the home straight, allowing Kailash Thiyagarajah to catch up.
S.A. U/9 Championship. 13 players.
8/9 Syam Heitmann, Kailash Thiyagarajah
6.0 James Obst, Anthony Khoo, Wiktor
5.0 Priya Umapathysivam
4.0 Mitchell Browne, Karl Hornlund
3.5 Hugo Prescott, Sonya Djukic
3.0 Tijana Gajic, Jacob Sterk
1.0 Bill Hagger
The full list of South Australian Junior
Champions for 1999 is:
U/18: Aaron Guthrie.
U/16: Raeph Moran.
U/15: Joshua Baldwin.
U/14: Aaron Gaekwad.
U/13: Jonathan Heng.
U/12: Prakash Thiyagarajah.
U/11: Mahesh Umapathysivam.
U/10: Milosh Ristic.
U/9: Syam Heitmann and
Kailash Thiyagarajah.

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