Back on the evening of 15 September 1970 I went for a short drive.  It was my first time driving at night after having obtained my driver’s licence.  Where did I drive to?  The nearly Mt.Waverley Primary School, because I had received a notice advising us of the inaugural meeting of the “Mt. Waverley Primary School Parents and Teachers’ Chess Club.”  Six people turned up to play chess and, whilst I wasn’t a parent or a teacher, I was a chess player so I thought I should join the club.

Of course this little group went on to become the famous Waverley Chess Club, which was a training ground for some of Australia’s best juniors in the 1970s.  It could not however have flourished in a small classroom at the Primary School so the club moved to larger premises at the Mt.Waverley Tennis Club which could accommodate about 40 players.  Soon that became too small also so we moved to the Mt.Waverley Community Centre which had a playing room that accommodated about 60 players plus a separate analysis room.  Even better, after the chess had finished, we would order pizzas and move to the sports hall at the back to eat, chat and watch young Darryl Johansen play on the trampoline.

The point of all this reminiscing is that the Waverley Chess Club is restarting, courtesy of Chess Kids, in a building at the corner of Waverley Road and Huntingdale Road.  I popped in there for a look last week to test David’s claim that it could accommodate about 50 players.  The building is still being renovated but he is probably right.  There is a reasonable sized playing room, a kitchen, a separate smaller room (office) and a foyer.  It should be a good venue for a chess club.  Meanwhile, a bit further north, it seems that the very successful Box Hill Chess Club may be losing it’s venue after Xmas and have to find new premises.  One can only hope that something suitable comes up as it would be a tragedy if Box Hill went into decline because it no longer had suitable premises to run all the activities that it currently runs.  I guess they could always join Waverley…..

For this week’s puzzle see if you can find a way for White to win in the position below.

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