Today I made a bad decision.  I could have gone to Noble Park to watch the last 3 rounds of the Noble Park Classic Chess Tournament, after all you never get injured watching chess.  Instead I decided to play in an old people’s tennis tournament at Frankston.  I won the tournament but came away hobbling and barely able to walk.  I’ll know better next time.

That’s not to say that you can’t get injured playing chess, but they are generally mental injuries, not physical ones.  Judging by the live on-line games from the tournament there will be a few players nursing mental injuries from the event.  Take Dusan Stojic.  He was the exchange up and crushing IM James Morris in round 5 but somehow James managed to escape with a draw.  Despite this set-back he went into the last round in the joint lead with James and faced tricky old IM Mirko Rujevic.  Dusan swapped off into an ending two pawns up for nothing with his opponent having no play.  He forced Mirko to sac his B for the two pawns and so Dusan had R+N+2p v R+2p.   An easy win but that was not the result …. Mirko swindled a draw.

The prize however for the most painful mental injury from the tournament must surely go to Bosko Mijatovic.  In the last round Bosko was a piece down and getting crushed by Victorian Champion IM Kanan Izzat, then the impossible happened!  Kanan made a huge blunder.   In the position below he should just play 31.h3 and he doesn’t have any problems.  Instead he played 31.Rg3?? and Bosko seized his chance with 31…Qd1+ 32.Kf2 Qe2+ 33.Kg1 and Kanan’s offer of a draw was accepted.  I wasn’t there but I’m wondering how long it took for someone to tell Bosko that he agreed to a draw in an easily winning position (mate in 12 according to my computer).  Can you do better?  What should Bosko have played?

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One Response to “RJ’s Chess Puzzle #239”

  1. December 10, 2014 at 6:29 am, Rowan Clare said:

    Was looking through the old puzzles, and I noticed that there appears to be a much easier mate here

    After Qd1+, black can then go Re2+, and finish with Qf1++, no need to overcomplicate!