Last Friday at the chess shop I had a visitor.  An old guy named Tony Wright who spends his time researching Australian chess history and publishing books in which the games have no moves numbers!   Apparently move numbers are a waste of space.  Anyway Tony was missing some games from recent Australian Championships and so was hoping that I may have them in my chess library.  He gave me a list and I promised to do my best to find them, but it is no easy task!

When you think of a library you think of rows of well organised and catalogued books.  My library is more like a bomb site. If you can open the door to the room, you then must struggle across heaps of old boxes and clothes strewn over the floor to reach the shelves where to chess books and magazines are stored in largely random order.  Tony is an old friend, so despite these obstacles I soldiered on and began looking through the shelves.  I found a few things that he was after but more importantly I found some precious chess memorabilia that I had forgotten that I had.

Opening an old photo album I found, not photos, but a letter from Bobby Fischer to Cecil Purdy.  Saw the movie “Bobby Fischer vs the World” on TV a few nights ago so Fischer memories were very much in my mind.  Even better, on the next few pages were letters from F.K.Esling, the first Australian Chess Champion, who died in the early 1950s.  Tony does not accept that Esling was the first Australian Chess Champion so I’ve brought these letters along today to show him, though I’m sure I can’t persuade him to change his mind.



Stumbling through the bookshelves my mind then turned to today’s puzzle.  Perhaps I could find a suitable position to show you today?  I flicked through some old issues of the British Chess Magazine and soon came across the position in the diagram below.  White is a pawn ahead but his King is stuck in the centre.  It is Black to play and win (in response to White’s 1.Bf3).  I hope that you are amused by the finish as I was.  Black to play and win.

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