David Cordover and Malcolm Fraser

It’s very exciting at the moment!   Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is in the Chess Shop buying a display chess set for his wife.  Of course the Chess Guru, David Cordover, invited him to play a game and Mr.Fraser went straight for the four move checkmate!   Fortunately David was alert and parried the treat.  A draw was soon agreed.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer was a keen chess player, I seem to remember, although I think our current political leaders may be a bit too busy to spend time on chess at the moment.   If only we could get a Minister for Sport who was a chess player and would support the classification of chess as a sport in Australia (as is the case in many East European countries).  David has now trumped me.   My only claim to fame is having played Ron Barassi (the famous footballer) way back in the 1970s.

Back to more mundane matters, we have the Best in the West Chess Tournament on this weekend at Altona.  They have assembled a very strong field and a number of our Chess Kids will be playing.   I plan to drop in to check out the action and there should also be live games to follow on the internet.  For me the big question is how will my students go?  I’ve been battling really hard in our lessons lately to try to get them to be more imaginative and to look at one extra “silly” candidate move in the hope of finding something brilliant that they may otherwise miss.

I keep stressing that chess is a battle against your opponent where you are trying to either find candidate moves that he has missed or analyse a line a move or two deeper than him in the hope of finding something good.  Of course all this extra thinking uses up time, so players have to balance analysing with time consumption.  Perhaps I’ve gone too far as one of my students lost his last game on time.   Yes, chess is not easy.

For today’s puzzle I have a position that I was analysing yesterday with one of my students.  He played 1.Qe3 which is an OK move leading to an advantage for White.  He did not however consider a more imaginative line which may also be quite good.   Your task today is to 1) Find the imaginative move and 2) Analyse it to a conclusion.   It’s White to move.

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