Chess is meant to be a fun game where you engage in a battle of wits with your opponent, shake hands at the end of the game, then have a post-mortem to see if you could have played better.  Sounds pretty good?   Unfortunately this idyllic picture is often ruined by one thing … your opponent!  

Not all chess players are nice people. Some engage in tactics to put you off your game. These may include:

  • Loudly eating potato chips or a green apple when you are thinking;
  • Banging the clock;
  • Constantly “j’adoubing” the pieces;
  • Staring at you (Kasparov);
  • Kicking you under the table (Petrosian and Korchnoi);
  • Sweeping all the pieces onto the floor when they lose;
  • Refusing to shake your hand after the game;
  • Standing on a table and screaming out “why must I lose to this idiot” after they have resigned to you (Nimzowitsch)

In today’s puzzle, dear reader, we are playing such a person. What is our aim? Victory? No. We need more. What we want is a totally victory where our opponent is humiliated and shown to be completely powerless against our superior play.

You are White in the diagram below and you have a powerful discovered check coming up. There may be several ways to win, but today I want you to find the cruelest, most satisfying path to victory. Are you up to the task?

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