primary interschool a-grade finals

Top Board Prizes – A-Grade Finals
Board 1  John Nemeth Woorana Park 8,0 /8
Board 2  Douglas Lindberg Carlton Nth 7,0 /8
Board 3  Michelle Lee Essex Heights 7.0/8
Board 4  Mark Josem Caulfield Grammar 4.0 /4

Interschool Report
The primary interschool competition was
only slightly larger than last year, but
much stronger.
The 120 teams were divided into 8 zones
and run as Swiss tournaments. A Swiss
tournament means that every team plays
the same number of games and is paired
against teams who have roughly the same
This is a different fomat from last year,
which saw fewer schools in each zone
being played as round-robin tournaments.
The divisions were classed by area though to balance numbers occasionally one school had to travel further thanothers. It was done with the intention that school teams should have to do as little travelling as possible.

The winning teams advanced to the finals in either A-grade or B-grade.

Both finals were held at Presbetryian Ladies’ College on Monday 17th of November.

There were 12 teams in each final,
with experienced teams and some who
were playing in their first big tournament. The teams were seeded according
to the rating of their top player, but in a
teams tournament it is depth that counts.

Woorana Park was the top seeded school
and their top board player, John Nemeth,
won all his games. This wasn’t enough
however as they only finished in 9th position.

The lead see-sawed between last year’s Champions Mont Albert Primary, and the eventual winners, Essex Heights.
In their crucial round 3 match up Essex Heights defeated Mont Albert 2.5 – 1.5.

It was fantastic to see the day being played in such good spirits, with emphasis
on playing the games rather than wining . During one match a team misplaced themselves and arrived too late to play the match. Instead of claiming a win on forfeit Caulfiled Grammar offered to play the match during the lunch-break, and ended up losing the match.

The B-grade finals were even more tense than the A-grade. Top seeds Caulfield Grammar held a point lead over Ivanhoe
Grammar up until the penultimate round
when they fell 2 points behind by losing
1-3 to Mt Waverley Nth. The last round
was a nail biter as Ivanhoe Grammar
could only draw 2-2 with Grimwade
to leave them tied with CGS.
Caulfield Grammar was declared winners on countback.

Top Board Prizes – B-Grade Finals
Board I Andrew Brett Ivanhoe Grammar 6.0/8
Board 2 DarwinLau Mt Waverley Nth 7.0/8
Board 3 Katherine Regan Brighton Primary 6.0/8
Board 4 AidanMa Caulfield·Grammar 8.0/8

primary interschool B-grade finals