Preparation for Australian Junior Chess Championships

After sifting through many, many applications we’d like to congratulate the following players for being selected to our Australian Junior Training Squad. Never mind if you weren’t one of the chosen few, you can still play in the Australian Junior – and visit this site often to follow along with our training schedule on your own.

We’re posting the lessons that we do here, so you can get the most out of the next 6 months.

LESSON 1 – Openings

LESSON 2 – Tactics and more…

LESSON 3 – Endgames

LESSON 4Various strategies

Best In The West (FULL results and games–2)

LESSON 5 – 27th August


Next tournament is the RJ Shield followed by the Fitzroy Skittles…


Who’s in the Chess Kids squad?

Henry Bayliss, Haris Brljak, Alana Chew-Lee, Max Chew-Lee, Jamie Fay, Chris Fu, Josh Lipp, Will Maligin, Lachlan Martin, Max Philips, Haran Salasan, Ethan Tang, Mae Salazar and Bobby Zhang.

What if I missed out?
Anyone can play in the Australian Junior – unfortunately we have very limited scope to provide free coaching and so have chosen this small squad for extra training. You will be able to follow along and do some self-study by visiting this page, which will be updated on a weekly basis.

What tournaments will the Squad play?
Training Squad members will be participating in the following long-play tournaments…Chess Kids coaches will be at these events providing coaching. You should visit the tournament websites and register your names as early as you can.

Anyone considering playing in the Aus Junior (and who is doing self-training at home) should also come along and play in these events. Chess Kids will be offering coaching at these events to EVERYONE playing in the Aus Junior, not just those in the squad. These tournaments are a good opportunity to get some of the face-to-face coaching that the Squad members receive each Saturday.

October 22-23  Chess Kids Victorian Youth Championships (venue to be confirmed)

December 3-4  Mildura Open

Closer to each event we can discuss car-pooling arrangements (particularly to Mildura).

It is also recommended to play the 5 remaining RJ Shield tournaments – these are held on the last Sunday of each month (

And finally, the Fitzroy Skittles, Sunday September 4th, 11am – 6pm at the Melbourne Chess Club

When is the Australian Junior?

  • U16 / U18 championships from 14 to 22 Jan (9 days)
  • U12 / U14 championships from 18 to 22 Jan (5 days)
  • U8 / U10 championships from 14 to 16 Jan (3 days)

Your age is taken from January 1st, 2012 (eg. if you are born in the year 2000 you will be in the Under 12’s). For more information and to register you will need to visit the website