When any player starts a game of chess they have to remember the basic goals of the opening:

Control the Centre

Develop your pieces

Keep you King Safe

These are called the “Golden Rules” of opening strategy and most sensible openings start in this way. Most experienced players start their game by pushing one of their pawns into the centre, and then they start to move their pieces off the back of the board, developing them to more attacking positions. Finally, an experienced player doesn’t feel that the game is going well until the king has been safely hidden, usually by castling.

These ideas have been known for hundreds of years. In the 1500’s and 1600’s the best players in the World came from Spain and Italy, and the opening moves that those players liked are named after those countries. All openings have names, some are named after countries like the “Spanish” and “Italian” openings, some after famous players such as “Alekhine’s Defence” and “Fischer’s Variation” and there are some odd names like the “Hedgehog Opening” or the “Dragon”. Getting to know some typical tricks and strategies is a good way to improve your game.


This will be the opening position that classes will be starting from next week. White has just played pawn to c3 which:

– Attacks the Centre and prepares the move d4 building a central pawn wall.

– Allows white’s queen to Develop to the safe side of the board, either b3 or a4..


Congratulations to the RJ Shield winners yesterday. Over 50 kids showed up to play in Melbourne  in 2 sections, an under 10, and an over 10. 12 year old Gal Dekal won the over 10 section while 9 year old Andrew Grieg won the under 10 section. The full results are on the tornelo website.  There are also tournaments around the state, and yesterday the winner in Yarrawonga was Samuel Trewin. As well as checking out the latest RJ shield results, you can also check on your self by typing your name, or school into the search box at the top of the page. There are also the main headings at the top of the page. My favourite is the “Players” button which takes you to a page where you can see the top rated players by age group.