Junior Master

The Title

Junior Master™ is a title awarded by Chess Kids to players under the age of 18 who achieve a rating which would place them in the top 1% of tournament players for their age (which is really the top 0.1% of all school/junior players).


To determine player eligibility for the title the following formula is used:

Rating > ((Current age in years x 100) + 100)

Eg. A child aged 12 must have a rating Greater Than 1300.
The player’s rating must be an “established” rating; i.e. based on a minimum of 20 rated games.

Any players with a rating that has been achieved only from single-school events will be ineligible.

Use of the title

The title gives you the ability to use the initials JM before your name (in the same way that FIDE titles GM, IM and FM are used).

The Junior Master title is a temporary title and is only valid during the period that a player’s rating meets the eligibility criteria.

Players who attain the title, but then lose it (due to a rating decline or age increase) may refer to themselves as “former Junior Masters”.

Junior Master titles are superseded by FIDE Master (FM), International Master (IM) or Grandmaster (GM) titles (awarded by FIDE).

List of title holders

This is a list of current Junior Masters™ as at October 1, 2009:

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