Keen chess players will always want to stay up-to-date with the latest chess news and gossip. In my day this meant subscribing to about a dozen chess magazines from around the world and regular visits to the periodicals department of Monash University where I could look up the chess columns in the foreign newspapers such as the Times, The Guardian, The Jerusalem Post and so on.

Today it is much easier. All the news we want is available on the internet and especially on the many chess blogs that you can choose from.

Three of my favourites are:

This blog is run by Canberra chess organiser Shaun Press and is good for Australian news with a tournament focus and quite a few games and positions to examine.

This world renown blog from Sydney is a good source of gossip and quirky chess news from Australia and overseas. It has a big following.

This very professional blog from US based GM Susan Polgar has all the latest chess news with a focus also on training resources for young players plus a host of other topical material.

I was intrigued the other day with a position from Shaun Press’ blog which pondered whether or not white could draw from the following position (white to play).

Perhaps white can draw with 1.g5+ Kh7 2.Bf7 c2 3.Kh5 c1=Q 4.g6+ Kh8 5 Kg4 because black’s King is stuck in the corner.

It is possible however that black can force the white king away from the “f” pawn and trap him in the corner thus forcing the B to move and lift the blockade.

I tried 1. … Qe3 2.Kg3 Qd4 3.Kh3 Qf4 4.Kg2 Qh4 5.Kf1 Qh2 6.Ke1 Qg2 7.Kd1 Qf2 8.Kc1 Qe2 9.Kb1 Qd2 10.Ka1 Qc2 0-1

Perhaps however this doesn’t work with the pawn on f4? 3.f4 Qe3+ 4.Kg4 Qc5 5.Kf3 Qf5 6.Ke3

Now white can’t play Qd5 to force the King away from the pawn so maybe it is a draw?