It’s not fair!  Computers have so many advantages playing against we poor humans.

They never tire.  The analyse more moves than us.  They analyse deeper than us.   They don’t make tactical boo-boos.   They don’t get distracted by their opponents eating green apples and banging the clock.  It’s a wonder we can ever beat them at all.

The best chance is in the endgame.  Sometimes a human can understand what is happening at a glance whereas the silly computer is still analysing every move and perhaps the solution is beyond their move horizon.

Have a look at the following positions for example.

[fen caption=”White to play”]4R3/p1r4p/1p1k1p2/3P2p1/4K1P1/1P6/P6P/8 w KQkq – 0 1 [/fen]

Black has just played Rc7 and is prepared to ditch his “f” pawn in an effort to get counter-play with his R.  My computer says White wins after 1.Re6+ Kd7 2.Rxf6 Rc2 3.Rh6 Rxa2 4.Kf5 Rb2 5.Rxh7+ Kd6 6.Rxa7 Kxd5 7.Rh7 Rxb3 8.Kxg5 etc.

Today’s puzzle, dear human, is is the computer correct, or can you improve on his play?


After 1.Re6+ Kd7 White can play 2.Rc6!

If Black replies 2…Rb7 3.Rxf6 and Black has no counter-play and may as well resign.

Alternatively 2…Rxc6 3.dxc6+ Kxc6 4.Kf5 and any human can clearly see that White’s kingside pawns will easily queen before Black’s queenside pawns.

Take that, computer!

One Response to “Jammo’s Chess Puzzzle #20”

  1. December 11, 2009 at 11:50 am, Tristan said:

    Another way would be:
    1.Rd8 Ke7 2.d6+ Kxd8 3.xc7 Kxc7 4.Kf5
    this is practically the same position as the alternative however blacks king is 1 square furthar away making whites kingside pawns even more easily queen.

    alternatively black can play 1….kc5 however after 2.Kf5 black has to either advance forward and try to queen his pawns before whites d5 pawn can queen, however due to whites king going 3 Ke6, blacks lone rook cannot hold out and later will have to sacrifce itself