It’s not often that a chess player wins a “beauty prize”, particularly one as ugly as me.  But, back in 1977, at a chess tournament in Holland, this is exactly what happened!   Actually, I shared the “beauty prize” with my opponent IM Juan Bellon from Spain as we had, so the judges claimed, played the “most beautiful” game in the tournament.  The game was drawn so we shared the prize.

Senor Bellon was a colourful player, famous for his innovative attacks as well as his flouro coloured scoresheets which he coloured in with texta pens before each game.   He stars in today’s puzzle from his game against GM Garcia in 1976.  Bellon, playing Black has R+N+P for a queen so material is even but both sides seem to be attacking.  Can you help the Spanish IM finish off his opponent in a colourful fashion?

[fen caption=”Black to Play”]6k1/7p/4p3/1p1n1Pp1/8/7K/Pr5P/3Q4 b KQkq – 0 1[/fen]


Bellon played 1…Rg2!! and Black was forced to resign.   If 2.Kxg2 Nxe3+ picks up the Q and otherwise Black plays 2…Nf4+ next move.   Perhaps not quite as beautiful as my game, but a nice finish never-the-less.

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