I’ve recently been reading a book “Endgame” by Frank Brady about “the Spectacular rise and fall of Bobby Fischer” which is a fascinating account of Fischer’s progression from chess prodigy and World Champion to paranoid recluse living in Iceland.  I thought it would be nice for today’s puzzle to have a Fischer combination but, whilst trolling the internet for a suitable puzzle, I stumbled across a fascinating Fischer story.

Apparently back in 2006 there was a chess match being televised  live in Iceland (which is a chess-mad country) and the players reached the following position.  In time trouble Black touched his King and started to play 1…Kg8 but then realised that 2.Qxg7 was mate so instead he played 1…Qd7.  Unfortunately for him the arbiter was watching and enforced the touch move rule so White played 2.Qxg7# and won the game.

At this point a viewer rang in to the TV station and suggested that Black had missed a spectacular win.  The viewer was chess recluse Bobby Fischer, probably the greatest player of all-time.  Today’s puzzle is can you spot the move that Bobby suggested (fairly easy) and after White’s best reply what is Black’s killer second move (quite hard)?

[fen caption=”Black to Play”]8/2p3rk/2q1pQ1p/4pN2/3br3/7P/5PP1/5RK1 b – – 0 1[/fen]


Fischer suggested 1…Rxg2+ 2.Kh1 Rh4!! 3.f3 (if 3.Nxh4 Rxf2+ 4.Qf3 Rxf1+) 3…Rg1+ 4.Rxg1 Qxf3+ 5.Rg2 Rxh3#. Unfortunately Fischer has now passed away so this may well have been his last contribution to chess.

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  1. April 19, 2011 at 11:59 pm, John Holt said:

    I think this puzzle is really interesting. Can you put more puzzles by Bobby Fischer? Thank you.