Chess, along with Maths and Music, is one of the few activities that produces prodigies.  The history of chess has a number of examples of diminutive children in short pants playing against experienced masters and winning, or even playing simuls against a number of adults at the same time to demonstrate their prowess.

Here in Australia we have been thrilled with the exploits of Bobby Cheng, who won the World 12U Championship in 2009 and is now often beating some of our leading adult players, but Bobby may now have a rival prodigy!   11 year-old Karl Zelesco, a small, pale little boy with piercing eyes who plays at the Box Hill Chess Club (and anywhere else he can) has been showing great promise and the other night actually defeated former Australian Champion, International Master Guy West, in the Melbourne Chess Club Championships.

Imagine that you a seated next to Karl in the big game.   You have a strong passed pawn in the position (see diagram) but can you find the win against your experienced opponent.  It’s your move.   Good luck!

[fen caption=”White to Play”]3r1bk1/p2P3p/p1b1p1p1/2N2p2/8/1N6/PP4PP/3R3K w – – 2 30[/fen]


30.Na5 Bd5 31.Nab7 Be7 32.Nxd8 Bxd8 33.Rxd5 exd5 34.Ne6 and White won.  A fantastic result for young Karl.