One of my students yesterday told me that he was playing in a big tournament the next day and asked what advice would I give him.    “That’s easy” I replied, “All your games will be decided by blunders so you need a system of moving and checking that will help you to avoid mistakes.”

My system goes like this.

1. Your opponent has just moved so you ask yourself “what is he threatening?”

2. You decide on your candidate moves, analyse each one in turn, then chose the best move.

3. If you think there may be some tactics around you look at all checks and captures.

4. Before you make the move you have decided on, you quickly check for possible replies that you may have missed.

5. You make your move!

If you use this system hopefully you will reduce the number of mistakes that you make and you may even spot surprise tactics that you may otherwise have missed.  Try using this system in the position below.  It’s Black’s move and he has 3 candidate moves, 1…gxf+, 1…gxh, and 1…Rxh2.   Today’s puzzle is which one would you chose and why?

[fen caption=”Black to Play”]rnbqkb1r/pp2ppp1/2p5/4B3/3P4/6p1/PPP2PPP/R2QKBNR b KQkq – 1 8[/fen]


Black should play 1…Rxh2! 2.Rxh2 and now (after examining all checks and captures) 2…Qa5+! 3.c3 Qxe5+! 4.dxe5 gxh2 and even though Black has no pieces developed White can resign as he will be a piece down for nothing.

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