Last week’s puzzle created quite a bit of interest with Chess Kids coach Tim Broome finding a mate in 6, only to be trumped by someone else have found a very beautiful mate in 5.   Have a look in the comments to Puzzle #48 if you missed it.

This week’s puzzle is from Magnus Carlsen, the world’s highest rated player, who finds a nice tactic in a Rook and Knight endgame.   See how quickly you can spot it.

[fen caption=”White to play and win”]8/5npk/pp6/3N1P2/P5R1/6K1/1nr5/5R2 w – – 0 1[/fen]


Carlsen played 1.Nf6+!! gxf6 2.Rh1+ Nh6 3.Rg6 Rc3+ 4.Kg2 Rc2+ 5.Kf3 Rc3+ 6.Ke4 Rc4 7.Kd5 Rc5+ 8.Ke6 1-0

If you missed the solution then you are clearly not following Purdy’s advice to “Examine all checks and captures.”