How do you think you would go against the highest rated chess player in the world?

In a full game of chess you would clearly lose, but what if you took over a game that was already half-way through?  Perhaps then you have a chance?

The world’s highest rated player is 19 year-old Magnus Carlsen from Norway who will no doubt be world champion before too long.  He has an unfair advantage of course as his coach is a guy named “Kasparov”.

So, let me get you started against Carlsen.  You can play black in the following position taken from one of Carlsen’s games in the Norwegian Championships.  It’s Carlsen’s move and he plays 1.f3 …. now off you go!

[fen caption=”White plays 1.f3.  Can you beat him?”]2b3k1/ppp4p/6q1/3pr2r/4p3/1NP1Q3/PP3PPP/4RR1K w – – 0 1[/fen]


Go to the top of the ratings list if you played 1…Qg3! 2.Qg1 Rh4! and White has no answer to the threat of 3…R(5)-h5.

Oh, before you get too carried away, did I mention that it was the 2001 Norwegian Championship and Carlsen was only 11 years old at the time.  Still, it’s nice to know that you COULD have beaten someone who would one-day be the highest rated chess player in the world.

One Response to “Jammo’s Chess Puzzle #27”

  1. March 15, 2010 at 9:20 am, Anthony Hain said:

    I did it, but that really is unfair. Is he Kasparovs only student?