In 1953 Australia had its first (and only) world chess title holder when Cecil Purdy won the first World Correspondence Chess Championship.   We now have another!

12 year-old Bobby Cheng has just won the World 12U Youth Chess Championships which were played in Turkey from November 11 – 23.   Bobby was seeded fourth in the tournament and started slowly, but with one round to play had clawed his way into a tie for first with 3 other players.   In the final round he had black against the top seed, Vaibhay Suri (India) who was rated 142 points above Bobby.

Undaunted, Bobby played a slashing game to finish off his opponent in only 27 moves.  He then had a long wait to see the outcome of the second board game where a win for either player would see them take the title on count-back … but the game was a draw!

So, dear reader, place yourself in Bobby’s position in the diagram below.  Can you find the winning line and take out the world title!

[fen caption=”V.Suri v B.Cheng …. Black to play and win”]2r1k2r/1p3p2/2b1p3/3qn2B/p2P2P1/P7/4Q2P/1RB2RK1 b k – 0 26 [/fen]


Bobby played 1…Rxh5! 2.gxh5 (not 2.dxe5 Qh1+ 3.Kf2 Rxh2+ etc) 2…Nd3!! 0-1

After 3.Qf3 Qxf3 4.Rxf3 Bxf3 Black is a piece ahead for no compensation and wins easily.

Well done Bobby.

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