The winning team at the Chess Champ

I’m exhausted!   Four days of chess camp in Hobart with up to six hours coaching per day is hard work …. but also good fun, particularly our trip to Richmond Zoo and a chess simul at Salamanca Market.   The kids and parents all seem to have had a good time so well done to the Chess Guru for this new venture.   I’m looking forward to next year’s camp which could be at a resort on the Great Barrier Reef!

I inflicted my favourite lecture on how to “play boring chess” on most of the kids and it had the desired effect on some of the younger ones, who fell asleep after about 5 minutes, but fortunately there were prizes for those who managed to stay awake for the whole lesson.  This however left me feeling a bit guilty as I should be trying to inspire kids to play chess, not putting them to sleep.  As compensation, today I have picked a really fantastic composed problem which should inspire everyone.  I showed it to Tony Wright a few minutes ago when he dropped into the chess shop, and he burst out laughing when he saw the solution, so that’s a good sign.

It’s quite hard so let me give you a few hints.  Firstly you need to know that two knights alone against a King should be a draw.  For Black to win he needs to either get a Queen without giving stalemate or promote to a Knight and win White’s lone Knight.   The solution is 7 moves deep.  Good luck, it’s worth playing through to the solution even if you don’t solve it.

White to play and draw; A. Herbstmann & L. Kubbel, 1st Prize, Troitzky-Tourney, 1937

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