Last night was an interesting night on “ChessKids On-Line.”  CheckNorris and I were continuing our debate about one of his games.  I tend to base all of my moves on positional considerations whilst Check just focuses on tactics so we often disagree in our assessment of positions.   Rookbane butted in to our discussion to ask me how he could improve his Chess Tempo rating, which was “stuck” around 1600.   I suggested that instead of analysing variations he just “looks” for good moves.

About this time DarkKnight came on and asked everyone to help her with her English homework.   She had to write a poem about “Winter”.   I went to work and came up with :

Oh Winter, dreary, cold and grey,
I wish that you would go away.
The birds have flown, the sun has set,
My mind it has but one regret.
I moved my knight and lost my queen,
A worse chess move is seldom seen.
I blame the cold, my mind it froze,
A good excuse I do suppose.

Not bad I thought, and it has a chess theme.  I finished the evening with a quick game against Rookbane.   I was struggling early (he has improved a lot) and we reached the diagrammed position.   Without much thought I played 1.Nd6.   Here CheckNorris asked me why I played 1.Nd6?   I replied “It’s a good square for the Knight.”   I don’t think he understands about good squares and was probably looking at some tactical line instead.   The game only went 3 more moves before one of the players resigned.   Today’s puzzle is to tell me what the 3 moves were to finish the game after 1.Nd6.

[fen caption=”White plays 1.Nd6.  Find the next 3 moves to finish the game.”]5rk1/p1qr1pbp/bp2p1p1/2pnP1B1/2N1Q3/2P3P1/PP3PBP/R2R2K1 b – – 0 1[/fen]


Rookbane replied with 1…Bxe5 apparently winning a pawn.  I continued 2.Qxe5 Qxd6 (If 2…Rxd6 3.Bxd5 exd5 4.Bf4 is winning) 3.Qxd6 Rxd6 4.Be7! winning the exchange so Black resigned.   CheckNorris immediately queried, “So, RJ, if you don’t look at tactics how did you find 4.Be7?”   “It’s a good square for the Bishop!” I replied.

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