Bobby Cheng at the Interschool Tournament

I had a strange experience yesterday at the Bayside Interschool Tournament.

The tournament was very strong with Melbourne High, led by Bobby Cheng, scoring an impressive 27.5/28 to take first place.  I was trying to record some of the games on my iPad so as to publish them in “Knight Times” and was entering the moves for one of Bobby’s games.  It was quite interesting as Bobby had blown the exchange (for nothing) and was trying to fight back.  His opponent I gather was the sort of chap who focused on what he could attack, without paying too much attention to his opponent’s possibilities.  Bobby walked away from the board for a moment and his opponent quickly moved and pressed his clock.  Perhaps it then dawned on him that his move may be a blunder, so he pressed the clock back again and retracted his move!  Not a good idea, particularly when an arbiter is recording the game behind you on his iPad.

Needless to say I forced him to play the original move, and after 3 more moves Bobby had an easily won game.   He gave mate 4 moves later, so the attempted cheater got his just desserts.

This week’s puzzle is to work out, from the evidence that I’ve given you, what were the next 3 moves played in the game.   My friend “CheckNorris” often complains that my puzzles are too easy.  So from him, I want the next 7 moves to finish the game!

[fen caption=”What were the next 3 moves?” ]1rbq1r1k/pp2p1bp/2p1Pp2/6p1/2BPN3/5N2/PPP1Q1PP/5RK1 b – – 1 15[/fen]


The best move is 1…g4, but that can’t be the move played as Black would have had no reason to try to take it back.   Black played instead 1…f5 with a double attack on d4 And e4, however that allowed 2.N(e)xg5.  Not worried about White’s threat Black continued 2…Bxd4+ 3.Kh1 Bxb2? 4.Ne5 winning.

The finish was 4…Bxe5 5.Qxe5+ Kg8 6.Nf7 Rxf7 7.exf7+ Kf8 8.Qh8 mate.   Hopefully that took CheckNorris more than his usual 3 seconds to solve.

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