At the moment, whenever I have some spare time, I’m using the iPhone App. “Chess DB” to play through some chess games.   The application claims to have over 500,000 games on file and you just select the player whose games interest you.

I’ve chosen Bob Wade, and English IM (originally from NZ) who died recently aged 87 and who was one of the most important figures in world chess in the last century.   He persuaded Batsford to publish a series of chess books in the 1970’s and 80’s and he played a key role in making England a leading chess power from the 1970s onwards.

He had a very large chess library and was always pleased to have visiting players from Australia or New Zealand drop in to see him.  Peter Parr and I called to see him on our way home after the 1976 Olympiad and spent a pleasant afternoon chatting with him.

In today’s puzzle he is on the losing end of a position against the Belgian player A.O’Kelly de Galway.   Wade (Black to play) has to decide between exchanging queens or retreating with 1…Qe6.   Which move is better?

Black to Play. Should he play 1...Qxd1 or 1...Qe6.

Black to Play. Should he play 1...Qxd1 or 1...Qe6.


Wade should have swapped queens but chose 1…Qe6?? and after 2.Qd8+ Kg7 was shocked to find that 3.Nh5# was mate!

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