Last Saturday I popped into the Hungarian Club in Knox to watch the Victorian Team Rapid Play Championships. The big attraction was that this event had a very strong field with 7 teams of 4 players and so there was going to be some good chess.

The event ended in a tie between the Noble Park Knights and The Melbourne Kings on 22 points. The leading four players, all scoring 6.5/7, were Guy West, Ari Dale, Karl Zelesco and Dom Dragicevic.

James vs Bobby

My main interest was the top board clashes and I was fortunate enough to recorded the big game between IM James Morris and FM Bobby Cheng, two of Australia’s top young players. It started off with a boring opening but then James won a couple of pawns on the Kingside. Bobby however did not panic as he had a majority of pieces on the queenside where he was counter-attacking. He played a couple of nice tactics to regain the two pawns then, with time trouble approaching, James dropped a piece and soon resigned. I thought the game was a good example of how piece play and co-ordinating your pieces is perhaps the most important skill in chess.

Here is the game for you to enjoy.