Cate and Tom came into the Chess World shop to purchase a wooden chess set for Tom’s 12th birthday.

She wanted to spend around $100 and I suggested that they purchase a set for $119 which also included backgammon and checkers.

They did buy it and Tom was thrilled as he really enjoys chess and looks forward to learning and playing backgammon.

Tom told me:  “I think chess is great fun.  Not only do I play at school with my mates, I often give mum a game.”

Cate said:  “At the moment I still win but I can see that Tom is getting better and better and it won’t be long before he is beating me.”

Cate learnt from her father and told me:  “I often played with him but now, unfortunately, he is 85 years old and has dementia and can no longer remember how to play.”

How sad is that!

At The Knox School where Cate teaches, chess is also played regularly.

Tom told me:  “I am also really interested in taking part in some group lessons and am hoping to start next term.”

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