Three of the top 5 players in the RJ Shield were girls! Go girls!

Charlotte Dilnutt won the tournament with 6/7, losing only her last round against Ethan. Mae Salazar and Nicole Chin were both very impressive winning 5 games and taking out trophies of their own. Watch out for these two girls in the future!

Full results (Ormond, Doncaster and Fitzroy) for those who are interested in rating changes.

Doncaster RJ Shield was well attended with newcomer Dmitry Lee taking out first place. Well done to Thomas Traicevski with a massive 39 rating points gained!

In some ways the Fitzroy players were the luckiest of all – only 3 players but they played a double-round-robin with Carl Gorka also in the tournament. Each player was able to get a full session of coaching and a chance to play two games against Super-Coach Carl Gorka.

Here is Carl’s report:

Only 3 players turned up for this event but that made it more interesting as the 3 players were very evenly matched and I was able to make up the numbers and play games against the kids. The tournament was a double round robin, which means that each player plays their opponents twice, once as white and once as black.

In the first half of the tournament, Vishal Bhat won both his games and led the tournament. But in the reverse pairings, it was Bill Yuan who won both his games to draw level. Sandwiched between these was Shankar Seevanayagam who won 1 game each half.

So with all the players finishing on 2 points we played a blitz playoff. This didn’t favour Bill Yuan, who prefers longer games and he lost both his games. The other 2 drew their first game and then had to have a final play off match which was won by Shankar Seevanayagam. A very exciting event!

And either I’m getting older or the players are improving as I am finding it increasingly difficult to beat these talented young players. Only 1 game lasted less than 20 moves, while 3 lasted to over 40, and one game that took me 71 moves to win, should have ended in a draw.

It is white to move here and he could have gained a perpetual draw if he had kept attacking my knight. So 1.Kb6 and black has to block white’s pawn by 1..Nb8 2.Kc7 [But not 2.Ka7 when black can play 2..Nd7] 2..Na6 Black has to go back or white will get a queen 3.Kb6 Nb8 and the position will be repeated 3 times with a draw the outcome.

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