Gone are the days when you don’t have anyone to play chess with. Now you can play any time of the day against kids from all over Australia or New Zealand. And if you’re lucky a coach will be online and comment on your games…

When is a good time to visit play.chesskids.com.au? Take a look at the graph.

By 8am there were already 5 players online – let your parents have a sleep in and play some chess online. Great idea!

Looks like a late breakfast around 10.30amĀ  kept all but 2 people away from the computer, but after that you could find 10 or more players online at just about any time of the day.

Be careful after 8pm, it’s late and you might make some mistakes and lose your rating points. My opponent blundered a piece at 10.03pm and then chatted to me “damn, got to go to bed” and I got a few of his rating points! Now (nearly 11pm) the site is empty (except for me).

I’m ChessGuru on the site if anyone wants to challenge me. “All your rating points are belong to me!”