World Champion Capablanca playing lots of players at the same time. A “simul”.


Chess is a great way to help you think. You have to to work out your best move using all the things you’ve learned. And even then, the move you want to do will have to take into account your opponent’s sneaky plans. Working out great ideas, great moves, and great plans is part of the fun of chess.


Some players try to cheat a bit by copying their opponent’s moves. However, cheats never win in chess and if someone is copying your moves, the best thing to do is work out how to check your opponent, and then they won’t be able to copy you, as they will be too busy getting out of check.


How can white stop his opponent copying him with a check?

Who would be the best player to copy? The World Champion! The position above happened in a game that was played by World Champion Capablanca. It must have been pretty scary to play him, as people thought he was unbeatable. In fact, he didn’t lose a tournament game of chess for 10 years! In the position above, the player who had to face Capablanca tried the sneaky copycat plan using the World Champion’s own moves to play against Capablanca. But that isn’t really thinking, isn’t much fun or much of a challenge, and is bound to lose. Capablanca took just 4 moves to win from here!

All great players have 1 thing in common: they’ve played thousands of games of chess! In chess ‘practice makes perfect’, and it is always good to challenge yourself against new opponents. Chess Kids run a series of tournaments designed to give school players extra practice. These are called RJ Shields and the next one is coming up this Sunday.  These tournaments are a great stepping stone from school chess and are run in age groups so kids will be able to test themselves against their peers.

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