We live in troubled times. The global economic depression has smashed consumer confidence and we are all being careful with what we spend. The government may give us handouts but it seems that many of us will use the extra money to save or pay off debt rather than on consumer spending as suggested by the government.

Worse still, it seems that mankind has stuffed up the environment and global warming is impacting on us all much faster than anticipated. Storms and floods will be more frequent and more severe (particularly if you live in Queensland) and drought and excessively hot days will be the norm if you live in Victoria.

I was driving to tennis the other day, hoping to play our semi-final, but hail was lashing my windscreen as I crawled along the freeway and the prospect of a pleasant afternoon’s tennis looked remote. I turned on the radio, naturally set to the ABC, and the cricket commentators were bemoaning the fact that the Sheffield Shield final looked like being a washout. It seemed like only a couple of weeks ago that my tennis had been cancelled two weeks running because of a “heat out” when we had that run of 43 degree days. Yes, even a tennis fanatic like myself does not find it agreeable on the court when the temperature reaches such heights.
So, as I was driving along, I pondered what the future held for Australian sports. Clearly swimming was a good option, but traditional outdoor sports like tennis, cricket and football will suffer from the heat, the rain, or even the water restrictions rendering their playing grounds unusable.

What Australia needs is a new sport than can be played indoors in air conditioned comfort and is cheap to play in these tough economic times. A sport that doesn’t get washed out or heated out, or uses too much of our precious water, and a sport that is fun to play and good for you! What could it be? Perhaps monopoly, perhaps Bridge, model train collecting or even stamp collecting. I really don’t know. Do you have any ideas?