GM Garima

Promotions happen in chess all the time, yet they are too rarely celebrated. Today we celebrate!

I’ve heard from teachers, parents and coaches more times than I can count how lucky we are to have Garima on our team. Mostly you will know her from phone or email, so I thought I’d post a rare picture so everyone can see how gorgeous she is too. 😉

Over the last 3 years she has gradually taken on more responsibilities as she demonstrated exceptional performance again and again. Garima has finally stepped up to the senior role of General Manager of our entire business.

I am certain she’ll do a much better job than I have until now, so expect a lot from Chess Kids in years to come. I’m personally grateful to Garima for accepting this demanding role as it frees some of my time to invest in other interests.

So, congratulations Garima and we all wish you continued success!

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