by C.J.S.Purdy $45.95

Reviewed by James Morris; this gem of a book illustrates how a real master plays chess.

CJS Purdy's Fine Art of Chess and Other ThoughtsPurdy’s self-annotations on his own games provide deep insight into his thoughts, plans and strategies, and explain everything crystal clearly. Unlike others, Purdy not only goes through his fine wins, but his losses too, and compliments his opponent when credit is due. He thoroughly examines positions in an easy to understand way, so everyone can see the master’s ideas.

Dr.Tykodi has carefully compiled and edited a collection of C.J.S.Purdy’s games, and as a result has created a book with only the best. He has gone through all of Purdy’s articles, picked the most interesting games, and compiled them all into three books, of which this is the third.

In addition to these games, Tykodi has included in Volume 3 thirty games of C.J.S.Purdy’s son, John, and six articles to help improve the reader’s understanding of both basic and advanced ideas.

Instructive for almost any caliber player, from novice to expert, this book is a must have for not just people who have read the first two volumes, but for anyone interested in greatly improving their chess ability in an easy and constructive manner.

Rating: 4.5/5

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