A-Grade Finals

With the two Doidge brothers on boards one and two it was always going to be tough to knock off Mont Albert Primary School. However even with the Doidges winning 13.5/15 games it is still a team competition, and without their boards 3 and 4 the team wouldn’t have won. James Weatherhead, board 3, scored a brilliant 8/8 to take out the board prize and guarantee Mont Albert first place in the 1996 Primary Interschool Championships. Hayden Curry and Daniel Wells were the remainder of the team scoring consistently on board 4.

Second place went to Fitzroy Community School who just scraped in ahead of Caulfield Grammar. Fitzroy Community didn’t have any member of the team shine, but it was a very solid team effort all four with members, Warren Howden, Imogen Hamel-Green, Cameron Flemming and Nick Van Duyn playing well on the day.

Many thanks to all the parents and teachers who helped on the day, and also to Essex Heights for hosting the day.

Board Prizes A-Grade Finals
1. Richard Saw Glendal 7/7
2. Matthew Doidge Mont Albert 8/8
3. James Weatherhead Mont Albert 8/8
4. Janek Kornfeld Scotch 5/8

1996 interschool finals

Earlier in the year a number of children applied to represent Australia at international events. As usual quite a few Victorians were part of the team to the World Under-Age  Championships in Spain.

Australia did particularly well. Final results after 11 rounds were as follows:

Joseph Chow, Victorian Junior Champion, AGAIN!

The Victorian Junior and Under Age championships were held this year under the auspices of the Victorian Junior Chess League, and it was an immediate success. In total 98 players participated in the tournaments, by far the highest ever in a individual junior event, in Victoria. Titles were awarded in age groups from Under 8’s through to Under 18’s. The tournament was divided into 3 sections, a combined Under 18, 16 &14, an Under 12 & 10 and finally a Novice section. Cash prizes were awarded for title winners, and 2nd and 3rd in the Under 18’s tournament. They were the largest prizes ever in a Victorian Junior tournament, and thanks has to go to the VJCL and to Chess Ideas for guaranteeing the $1000 prize fund.

What can you learn from this game?
• Never, ever give up!!
• Initiative is more valuable than material in many cases. Use it wisely.
• A pawn is equal to approximately 3 moves.
• Don’t go grabbing material if you have to waste lots of time to do so.
• Don’t counter-sacrifice material. The more material you have, the easier it is to win.

Round 5, Victorian Junior
George Baltatgis 1413
Joseph Chow 1713
Sicilian Defence, Pelikan Variation

R.J Shield Novice Chess Tournament

March 16th 1996.

St. Kilda Primary School

Final Scores:

6.5/7 Sam Chow 1st Open

Another successful Novice tournament was run on the 25th of November, this time at the Pancake Parlour in the city.

Tal - Platonov

The second ever Junior Rapid Play was held in the first two days of the school holidays. A small number turned up to play, 32, but this was probably due to a tournament organized by Chess Ideas and Gateways that was on the next day.