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There was a chess event a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t reported on yet, and which has received little publicity in Australia the “2017 THE FIRST CHONGQING “THE BELT AND ROAD” INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL TEAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP”.

This was in fact a 7 round team event for players U12 from 14 countries with the Australian team being Oliver Li, Michael Jiang, Gavyn Sanusi-Goh and Shawn Oliver.   Australia came a creditable 12th in this very strong tournament with Oliver scoring 4 points, Shawn 3 and Gavyn and Michael 2 points.

The day before the tournament the boys played in a simul against a 2700 rated Chinese GM which strangely the organisers stopped after the allotted 1.5 hours play with the games still in progress!

(Above). The Australian Boys playing in the simul.

It must have been a fabulous experience for our players, seeing and playing against some of the best juniors in the world, and will hopefully inspire them to keep improving their chess.


For today’s puzzle we move to the other end of the age spectrum with a nice win by 75 year-old Doug Hamilton in the Box Hill Open.  White has just played 21.Rb1 ….. how does Black exploit this mistake?

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This week has been a big chess week for me as the Victorian Youth Chess Championships have been on at Parkdale.

On Monday the U/7 Championships were played and won with 7/7 by the boy with the impressive named of Tiger Zhao.

The U/9 Championships were won by Liam Flanagan with 6/7 and one of my students, Gavyn Sanusi-Goh also scored 6/7 to win the U/11 title.  It was fun giving a lecture to the kids about Australia’s next grandmaster, Anton Smirnov, aged only 16 years, and showing one of Anton’s games where he crushes his opponent just by demonstrating a better understanding of where to place his pieces.

The great thing about this event is that we have 4 titled players (three IMs and one WGM) on hand to go over the kids’ games after they have finished playing.  Hopefully it’s a great learning experience for them and today also we have Kanan Izzat giving them a lecture at lunchtime.

Daniel, Gavyn and Alistair with their trophies.

All the players had the opportunity to go over their games with a coach and hopefully pick up some useful tips.   There were quite a few really interesting tactical games and the coaches were often able to point out tactical ideas that the players hadn’t considered.   I found a forced mate in 5 moves for Daniel Gusain, the U13 Champion, that he missed for example, and Kanan found a nice idea that Shawn Zillmann missed in the position below.  Black played Bf7 how should White reply ….. can you see it?

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