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Archive for November, 2012

Last Sunday we had the RJ Shield Tournament in Bentleigh which was easily won by Gary Lin on 7/7. His secret? He played carefully and didn’t blunder any pieces whilst those around him were all making shocking mistakes.

I watched a very interesting game between two of Gary’s main rivals – Lachlan and Matthew. With about 20 seconds left on the clock for each player Lachlan played Qh1+ and Matthew replied Ke2. Lachlan’s Queen then rushed back to h6+ and Matthew placed his king back on f1. They repeated this procedure four or five times then agreed a draw by repetition. A big relief for both players until the spectators pointed out that Qd1# was somewhat better than Qh1+.

Meanwhile another of Gary’s rivals, Max had only a Q+P v Q+ 2P but fortunately he was ahead on the clock (with around 50 secs to 25 secs) and he had perpetual check. Max therefore had to choose between taking the perpetual or playing on in a worse position and trying to win on time. What should he do? He decided to think, play slowly, and NOT take the perpetual. After about 10 moves with both sides having only a pawn left it was Max who lost on time! What can you say?

I then moved over to watch one of my younger students playing. She had 50 seconds left and R+3P v P. What would you do? Move quickly and win would be a good option. Take the opponent’s last pawn and secure at least a draw would be another. Instead she offered a draw (while her clock continued to run) and her opponent just waited. Finally she moved and still had time to quickly take that pawn but instead moved aimlessly and lost on time. Yes, chess is a hard game.

To make thing easy for you this week I’ve chosen an endgame puzzle where there are only a few moves to chose from so hopefuly it won’t be too hard. I’m sure Gary will solve it, but as to the others …. I can only hope.

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