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Archive for October, 2011

As noted in my blog last week, it was a big week of chess at Monash University from Saturday to Tuesday with the Vic. Youth Championships followed by the Interschool State Finals.  I’ve finally learnt how to set a digital clock, but it was hard work – 4 days of non-stop walking around as a arbiter.   The compensation was seeing some really good chess and every player came away with a trophy or a certificate.   7 year-old Yoni is pictured proudly displaying his trophy on the left.

My support for “Bubblegum” in the Vic Youth worked reasonably well as he quickly zoomed to the lead but unfortunately faded a little against some of the stronger players.  Karl Zelesco (the “Z-Kid”) as expected crushed everyone.  I watched some of his games an he already plays like a master even though he is only 11 or 12 years old.   Even in the State Finals, which was the strongest field for some time, Karl gave Bobby Cheng a hard game before blundering a rook, and Karl won all his remaining games to finish in second place, half a point behind Bobby.   Bobby of course is already a veteran at 13 years of age and has the FM title and the Victorian State Championship under his belt.

For today’s puzzle I have a position from Bobby’s game against Ari Dale.   Bobby is White and has a better position, but how did he finish off the game quickly with a neat idea?

[fen caption=”White to play and win”]r1r3k1/p1p2p1p/1pnbp1p1/8/3PP1N1/2P1BPPq/P3Q2P/1R1R2K1 w – – 9 32[/fen]


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The Victorian Interschool State Finals attracted some good coverage in The Age today

And some nice photos…

Congratulations to the winners:

Primary – 1st Deepdene Primary School, 2nd Patterson Lakes Primary, 3rd Doncaster Gardens Primary

Middle-Years – 1st Glen Waverley Secondary, 2nd Deepdene Primary, 3rd Melbourne High

Junior Primary – 1st Deepdene Primary, 2nd Tucker Rd Primary, 3rd Southmoor Primary for full results

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Full results online

Well done to everyone who took part in the Vic Youth this weekend. For many it was the first time they were recording games, which is a big step. I was most impressed with how the younger players coped with recording games, clocks and thinking about their moves all at the same time! Certainly we have a lot of very talented youngsters in Victoria and it bodes well for the future.

Superstar Karl Zelesco (age 12!) won the event with a perfect 7/7 and after being in trouble in his first game managed to win the rest comfortably. We wish him all the best in the World Youth Championships later this year!


Under 21/15 – 1st Place ($150) Karl Zelesco, 2nd Nathan Hibberd, 3rd Dmitry Lee, 1st U15 Jack Hughes ($150)

Under 13 – 1st Place ($150) Max Chew Lee, 2nd Thumula Gamage, =3rd Jonathan Tissa, Lachlan Martin

Under 11 – 1st Place ($150) Jason Chew, 2nd Vishal Bhat (age 9), =3rd Josh Lipp, Henry Lai

Under 9 – 1st Place ($150) Luis Chan, 2nd Kris Chan, 3rd Amelia Mendes (most improved +115)

Under 7 – 1st Place ($150) Bobby Yu, 2nd Emily Lin, 3rd Yoni Chul

Lucky Prizes: Elijah Cordover (book), Raminii Vijan (Aus Junior free entry), Dominic Lai (hat), Luis Chan (cards), Alistair McCutcheon (Egyptian pewter chess set), Emily Zhang (Wooden chess set), Max Chew Lee (clock), Max Phillips (clock), Daniel Olshansky (glass chess set) and Bobby Yu (Egyptian pewter chess set)

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Getting there

The event is held at Monash University, Clayton Campus. Enter through the main entrance off Wellington Rd and park in the carpark on the left, opposite Sport (C11). During the week this is paid parking, but on weekends it is free.

Download a map.

Arrival Time

We don’t get access to the building until just before 2pm, so please aim to arrive between 2pm and 2.20pm. Feel free to arrive before 2pm, but registrations won’t be open and we’ll ask you to give us a hand with the tables/chairs. 🙂 The first game will start at 2.30pm.

Recording Games

All players (yes, even the U/7’s) will be required to record their games.You must record both your and your opponents’ moves until you have less than 5 minutes remaining on your clock, then you can stop. We might be a little lenient with the U/7’s. 🙂

Download a recording-your-games guide. It will be a good idea to practice tonight so you’re confident tomorrow.

To bring with you

Lunch, snacks and drinks. There are water fountains at the venue and you may be able to purchase food near-by, but it is better to be prepared.

Also bring a pen so you can record your games, scoresheets will be provided.

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This week is an exciting time at Chess Kids as we have the Vic. Youth Chess Championships on this weekend at Monash University followed by the Primary Interschool and Middle-Years Interschool Finals on Monday and Tuesday.   Four days of chess fun!

There are 91 players entered in the Vic. Youth to date, so my big problem is who should I barrack for?   I’d like William Maligin to do well as he is very good for his age, but I think I’ll end up barracking for “Bubblegum.”   “Bubblegum???” you say?   That is the Chess Kids on-line handle for one of the players who is only 11 years old but has raised his on-line rating to around 1400.   He plays a lot and is very keen, but still has a few “rough edges” in his play.   One of his recent games (as Black) for instance started 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 h5??   Hopefully Bubblegum will attend one of my lectures at the Vic. Youth and find out why such moves are not the best.

He needs also to work on his tactics a bit.  I was playing through his game (as Black) against “Tomahawk713” last night which Bubblegum duly won, but which included a big mistake which his opponent failed to spot.   From the diagram play continued…  38…Kf5 39.h4 Rxe5 40.Rxe5 Rxe5 41.Rf1+ Ke6 42.Kh3 Re3+ 43.Kg2 Rxd3 44.Rf3 and Black eventually won.    Today’s puzzle is can you spot the big mistake.

[fen caption=”Find the big mistake”]4r3/4r3/6p1/p1p1P1kp/PpPp4/1P1P2KP/4R3/4R3 b – – 0 38[/fen]

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I’m very proud of myself today.  I wanted to buy the new iPhone 4S but when I went to the Apple Store at Chadstone there was a queue of 100’s of people lined up ahead of  me.  What to do?   Using my chess player’s lateral thinking I went downstairs to the Optus shop, walked straight in and bought one!   It’s great.   Now I can lose to Shredder at chess twice as fast as I used to!

Back here at Chess World now, I’ve been browsing through some old issues of “Chess World” to find a puzzle for today.  I’ve decided on a position from the match between Cecil Purdy and Lloyd Fell in 1948 (see diagram).  Purdy was a small, fit-looking man, bald as a bat but wearing a silly toupee and an eyeshade so that his opponent couldn’t see where he was looking.  Fell by contrast was also small in stature but with a huge pot belly and his trousers were kept up with braces.  He too was bald, but without the toupee, and spoke in a strange, high-pitched voice.  Purdy had been the Australian Chess Champion.   Fell had been the Australian Draughts Champion.   Let’s see who won their encounter.  You can be White and help Cecil Purdy.   Black has just played 1… e5.   Can you find a winning continuation for White?

[fen caption=”White to play and win”]2r1r1k1/1p3pn1/3B1bpp/p3p3/P1B1PPP1/1P6/3R3P/3R2K1 w – – 0 26[/fen]

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