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Well, he came back! And I don’t know if I’m pleased or not…He managed to find the words “No English” and again motion with his hands that he wanted to play chess.

I showed him to the chess board and again he setup a position. This time he mumbled a few things in Russian and was seemingly trying to tell me something. The hand gestures were familiar too… “Draw?” I said and he nodded, smiled and left.

So I guess White can somehow salvage a draw from this position… can you work out how?

[fen caption=”White to Play and Draw”]2R4K/7b/8/8/4k2p/6p1/8/8 w – – 4 20[/fen]

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With Jammo away on holidays we thought there would be no puzzles this month. Lucky for you I was at Chess World today when an old Russian man came in. He spoke no English at all, but motioned that he wanted a chess board. I showed him to one and he setup the following position and then left.

[fen caption=”White to Play and Win”]5k2/4p2p/6P1/3K4/8/4B3/8/8 w – – 4 20[/fen]

I hope he comes back soon to show me the answer!

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John Purdy presenting David Cordover with the Purdy Medal for chess journalism

Congratulations to David Cordover who won the prestigious Australian Chess Federation award, the Purdy Medal, in Sydney on Thursday.

This lifetime achievement award is presented for an outstanding contribution to Australian chess as a journalist at a national or state level.

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All classes and tournaments start the first week of February.

Download more details or make a booking by email or phone. Feel free to come along and try out the first session free!

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