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Chess Kids wishes you all a happy holidays and may your stockings be filled with chess books!

Chess online will be available all holidays and we’ll be back to our regular broadcast from January 10th, just before the Australian Junior starts.

Archive for December, 2010

Archive for December, 2010

Carl Gorka just popped in to the Chess Kids Shop a few moments ago, fresh from the 2010 Australian Masters Championship, so I took the opportunity to ask him if there were any interesting games from the tournament.  (The tournament incidentally was a big win for IM Stephen Solomon from Queensland.   That’s him in the banner clutching his trophy.)  He said that Cheng v Teichmann was the best game (so I’ll publish that in “On The Move”) but noted also the interesting finish to Rujevic v Morris.

James apparently was coasting along two pawns to the good as Black and has just played 19…Nd6 in the following position in response to Rujevic’s 19.Qf3.  Perhaps he was expecting 20.Qxc6 in reply but instead Rujevic found something a bit better that won him the game.  Can you find the winning move?

[fen caption=”White to Play”]r4rk1/p3pp1p/2pn2p1/4bb2/8/1B2BQ1P/PqP1N1P1/4RRK1 w – – 4 20[/fen]

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I like to think that I know a fair bit about chess but I have never heard of a player named Domenico Ercol del Rio.   Admittedly, he was a little before my time having lived in Italy from 1718 – 1802.  The reason that I mention him is because I have recently joined and last night was browsing through their site to see what was on offer.   I came across a section on “articles” and one was titled “The Anonymous Modenese” which apparently was the name used by Ercol del Rio when he wrote a chess book in 1750.  He was a player/problemist and the article gave a number of examples of his problems/games which were both difficult and really beautiful.

For this week’s puzzle I’d like to show you one of Ercol del Rio’s compositions which appealed to me.  It’s quite hard so I’ll give you a hint.  To win at chess normally one piece alone, even a powerful piece like a Queen, needs some help to force checkmate.  Piece co-operation is a very important principle in chess.

In the diagram below White has lots of pieces but is faced with the loss of his N on a5, or if the N moves he will lose the B on c4.  What can he do to achieve a draw?

[fen caption=”White to Play and draw”]k7/2q5/3p2N1/N5P1/2B5/8/2K5/8 w KQkq – 0 1[/fen]

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In the heat of battle sometimes strange things happen on the chess board.  I can remember a lightning game between Solomon and Smerdon where one of the players lost on time but most of the remaining pieces had been knocked onto the floor in the time scramble.  The arbiter had to rule as to the result bearing in mind that the rules of chess say that the player must have mating material left on the board to claim a win.  What happens if the mating material is on the floor????

A strange thing also happened to Darryl Johansen some months ago which was well publicised overseas and made Australian chess a laughing stock around the world.   I witnessed a similar event on Sunday in the finals of the RJ Shield.   In the diagrammed position below White is clearly on the verge of winning but he found a move that was so surprising and devastating that his opponent immediately resigned.   Today’s puzzle is what was the move?

[fen caption=”White to Play and win”]4rk2/5pp1/p2P1b1p/1p3N2/P7/2PB4/1P3PPP/4RK2 w – – 0 1[/fen]

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A selection of photos from the National Finals are available to view:

From day 1

From day 2

Closing Ceremony

Video of the last minutes of the critical KZ v MK match.

If you wish, you may purchase a DVD with all photos from the event in hi-resolution suitable for printing. Cost is $40 including delivery. Please email us if you wish to place an order.