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Well, it’s all over for another year. What a wonderful event – to have 278 players leave on such a high after 2 days of solid chess. We really do love seeing how much the kids get out of the coaching, the interaction with players from all over the country (and NZ).

I guess the results are important as well, everyone likes to know who won!

Girls Only

1st – Doncaster Gardens Primary (Vic); 2nd – Curtin Primary (ACT); 3rd – Blackburn Primary (Vic)


1st – Deepdene Primary (Vic); 2nd – Milford Primary (NZ); 3rd – Spensley St Primary (Vic)


1st – Somerville Intermediate (NZ); 2nd – Mazenod (Vic); 3rd – Scotch College (Vic) by the closest of margins. Mazenod and Scotch were equal on score and on the primary countback method! We had to fall back on the sum of bucholz which pushed Mazenod into 2nd by 147 to 142.5… very close!

Open Secondary

1st – Brighton Grammar; 2nd – Melbourne High; 3rd – Ivanhoe Grammar


Photos from the event (more to follow)

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Victorian teams are leading at the half-way mark of the National Finals. In the Primary event it looks to be a 4-way battle between Deepdene and Spensley St (14 points) and Milford (NZ) and Waverley Christian College (13 points).  Scotch College, Brighton Grammar and Doncaster Gardens are leading the Middle-Years, Open Secondary and Girls only respectively.

See photos from Day 1.

Live results are available from Tornelo.

Archive for November, 2010

Archive for November, 2010

If you’re keen to know what’s going on at the Chess Interschool National Finals next Monday and Tuesday you have two options:

1. Come and visit us at Monash University, Clayton Campus (upstairs in the Campus Centre). DOWNLOAD a map.

2. Keep up to date with results – LIVE online.

Archive for November, 2010

Archive for November, 2010

Double Trouble!

We all know that doubled pawns are bad …. but what about two lots of doubled pawns side by side in a nice block?  I’ve only had this once before, against Stewart Booth in the 1980 Australian Championship.  He had a piece and I had a “block” of 4 pawns.  The piece won!

It was therefore with a sense of deja-vu that I was playing on the other day and transposed into an ending a knight to the bad but with an impressive block of 4 pawns together.  Would my pawns be enough for a draw or a win on this occasion I pondered?   We reached the diagrammed position with White to play.   White is tossing up between 1.Rf1 and 1.Ne6+.

Today’s puzzle is which move is better and what should be the result of the game?

[fen caption=”White to Play”]5k2/p7/3r4/1PN3p1/5pp1/1K3p2/P4P2/4R3 w – – 0 33[/fen]

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The best Victorian Primary boy and best Victorian Primary girl played a 2-game match this morning 88 floors in the air, suspended over Melbourne. The Eureka Skydeck was host to a match between Karl Zelesco and Mae Salazar to launch the Chess Interschool National Finals running Monday and Tuesday next week. Karl won the match 2-0, more photos and videos to follow…

Chess in the Sky. Mae Salazar and Karl Zelesco play their match under supervision of Chess Interschool Director, David Cordover.

Archive for November, 2010

Archive for November, 2010