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This game decided the tournament

Winner of the iPod Touch!

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We always thought that Melbourne was the hub of chess in this country – turns out the Sydney Daily Telegraph has found some schools in Sydney just as enthusiastic. Could it be the recent Chess Kids trips to Sydney are having an effect?

At Bronte Public School, the teacher in charge of chess Helen Foster said up to 60 children from kinder-garten to Year 6 were involved in the chess program.

“The numbers are increasing and it is of enormous benefit to their work,” Ms Foster said.

Student Louis Shtein said: “Chess makes you think outside the box, improves your logic and your attention span.”

Jayden Forday, 12, added: “It definitely has helped me with my work – now I am doing a lot better in everything.”

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This is Vineetha – she is one of our hard-working coaches. Some of you may have been lucky enough to receive some coaching from her at the recent Vic Youth Championships.

Her son, Thumula, is also a good player – probably helps to have someone to practice with at home.

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The Victorian Youth Championships – what a great event! By Sunday morning everyone had forgotten the Grand Final draw and was totally focused on their chess again!

Final results saw Jonothan Cannon come out on top with 6.5/7, only giving away a draw to his little brother, David Cannon.

Prize Winners

1st Place – Jonothan Cannon $150

1st U/13 – Karl Zelesco $150

1st U/11 – David Cannon $75

1st U/9 – Vishal Bhat $75

1st U/7 – Alistair McCutcheon

Girl Champion – Zoe Harrison $50

U/11 Girl – Chloe Chin

Lucky Prize – Matthew Hayes winner of an iPod Touch

We have to mention in particular William Lai and Nicole Chin who showed that they’ve improved incredibly in the past few months…well done.

Photos will be available soon.

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Looking good at half-time! (Click the picture to enlarge)

We know the second half is much more important than the first — anything can happen!

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From today’s Herald Sun

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The 39th bi-annual Olympiad is currently being played from September 19 to October 4 in Khanty-Mansiysk which I gather is somewhere in Siberia (Russia).   Doesn’t sound like the ideal holiday destination but it could be worse.  They could be playing in New Delhi!

It’s a good time zone for Australia with the live games being broadcast from 7pm each evening.  I’ve certainly been tuning in and following Australia’s fortunes.  In round two the Men’s team was matched against the defending champions Armenia, but only Smerdon came away with half a point.   In the following round he was paired as black against IM A.Montalvo 2250 from Puerto Rico and the game appeared to be evenly balanced.  Smerdon was obviously planning to play …Re4 followed by doubling on the “e” file so his opponent was tossing up between 1.Rbe1 and 1.Ree1.   After 1…Re4 he planned to play 2.Bg1 and swap off rooks.  Today’s puzzle is which move would you advise him to play?

[fen caption=”Should White 1.Ree1 or Rbe1?]r3r1k1/pp4bp/q2p2p1/3P1p2/5P2/1P2B3/P2QR1PP/1R5K w KQ – 0 1[/fen]

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The latest issue of Knight Times – in a new web-format; let us know what you think:


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I’m so happy!   I’ve just found a new chess application for my iPad called ChessDB HD which I’ve download for the princely sum of $8.99.  It’s a database of chess games/positions which comes loaded with such things as “1000 great short chess games, 773 mates in 1-4 moves, annotated immortal games, middle game lessons” and so on.  It won’t let you play through variations, only the actual games with notes shown beside the board, but there is just so much material – and the short games are ideal for my chess coaching lessons.  No more late nights trolling the internet for a good games for tomorrow’s chess lesson!

For today’s puzzle I’ve picked out one short game (see diagram).  Black has just played 6…Be7 and White is pondering whether or not the sacrifice 7.Nxf7 works.   He needs your help!   How would you advise White?

[fen caption=”Should White play 7.Nxf7?”]r1bqk2r/pppnbppp/4pn2/6N1/3PN3/8/PPP2PPP/R1BQKB1R w KQkq – 5 7[/fen]