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Archive for August, 2010

Here at Chess Kids we are constantly looking for ways to improve our coaching services to help get our message across to the chess students.  In a few day’s time we are having a coach training session where the focus will be upon trying to present an interesting story or anecdote as part of each lesson.   I had one of our coaches pop in last week whilst I was typing “Knight Times” and he commented how much he had enjoyed my presentation at the National Schools Finals Prize-giving where I had told the story of the “Trojan Horse” and related that to the position I was demonstrating.

So, to put this policy it practice, let me tell you an interesting anecdote I came across the other day about former World Champion Mikhail Tal (that’s his pic in the banner giving his opponent the “evil eye”).

Tal was watching a game between two strong grandmasters (Firmian v Smejkal) at the Tallin Tournament in 1971.  White is losing and can choose between 1.Ne4+ or 1.Nb3.   Today’s puzzle is which would you choose and how should the game finish?   If you don’t get it right I’m sure that Tal will be happy to help you!

[fen caption=”Should White play 1.Ne4+ or 1.Nb3?”]8/8/8/2b4p/8/p5k1/3N4/7K w KQkq – 0 1[/fen]

Archive for August, 2010

Archive for August, 2010

Have you ever thought of using a chess clock for time management?

I certainly haven’t but I know somone who has.

Nabil, a Business Coach, thinks they are great.

He recommended a clock to Mark, an insurance broker.

Nabil went on to the internet, found Chess World and suggested Mark go and purchase one.

Mark told me

“I hope it will help me waste less time.”

I hope it does too and I am keen to hear from him with an outcome.

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Archive for August, 2010

I don’t have a picture but Bob Bergmanis is a giant of a man, a former A Grade player (of Latvian extraction) who would now be in his 70’s.

Karl Zelesco (known as the “Z-Kid”) is a diminutive little boy aged 10 years.   Think David and Goliath and you will get the picture.   The two met in the “2010 Tuesday Autumn Swiss” at the Canterbury Chess Club and reached the diagrammed position with Black to play.

Perhaps you would like to take over the role of “David” and see if you can slay the chess “Goliath.”

[fen caption=”Bergmanis v Zelesco – Black to play.”]1k2rr2/ppp3pp/3b1q2/8/2Q4N/3PB1P1/PP3P1P/2R3K1 b KQkq – 0 1[/fen]

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Joshua and his grand dad, John, came into the Chess World shop to purchase some chess boards and pieces to go with chess tables John was building.

John, in his mid 70s, told me:  “I love making coffee tables.  But the great thing about my coffee tables is that they can also be utilised as chess tables.”

John doesn’t know how to play chess but does love woodwork.

Joshua, on the other hand, is a very keen chess player and told me:  “I really believe that my ability to play chess has helped me to now become a prominent lawyer.”

When I asked John  how he sells his tables he replied: “By word of mouth.  I have no business card and no website. People just see my tables and say ‘wow!’ where can I get one of those?”

Joshua and John were delightful.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of John’s tables but the picture with this article is a table that can be bought from Chess World.  This is  a Pintoy Table.

Archive for August, 2010

Archive for August, 2010

Last week’s puzzle created quite a bit of interest with Chess Kids coach Tim Broome finding a mate in 6, only to be trumped by someone else have found a very beautiful mate in 5.   Have a look in the comments to Puzzle #48 if you missed it.

This week’s puzzle is from Magnus Carlsen, the world’s highest rated player, who finds a nice tactic in a Rook and Knight endgame.   See how quickly you can spot it.

[fen caption=”White to play and win”]8/5npk/pp6/3N1P2/P5R1/6K1/1nr5/5R2 w – – 0 1[/fen]