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With the Australian Junior just finished it might be interesting to see the progress that has been made in the past 10 years.

Check out the Tournament Bulletins from 2000 (PDF file, 168 pages, 12.1 mb).

While you’re at it you can see the Australian Championships bulletins from 2002; see how much progress has happened in just 8 years.

Check out the Tournament Bulletins from 2002 (PDF file, 178 pages, 16.9 mb).

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Our superstars, James Morris and Bobby Cheng had an amazing year. International Master title, Australian titles and finally a World Championship title.

For some this might be enough, time sit back and relax, congratulate each other on a job well done. That’s not Chess Kids’ style. Did Steve Jobs relax when the MacBook came out? What about after iPod or even iPhone? Thank Jobs he didn’t and shortly we’ll have the iPad too.

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Bobby Cheng, winning everything!

Chess Kids Superstars Bobby Cheng and James Morris took out Australian Junior Championship titles in Hobart last week!

Bobby Cheng is having a great run, after winning the World U12 championships he won the Best Junior of the Year award and then just a few days later became the youngest ever Australian Junior Chess Champion!

IM James Morris has also had a good streak and took out the U16 Title in a playoff with Yi Yuan.

Full results on the Tasmanian Chess Association website.

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You can achieve what anyone else in the world has achieved. It is even easier and quicker for you because you use them as a role model and benefit from their mistakes and experience.

This is just what Junior Chess Masters Matthew and Karl have been doing these hot summer days. Their role models are somewhat dubious – but at least they have learned the art of role modeling!

"Look mum, I'm Hungarian"

"Look mum, I'm Hungarian"

To see their role models ….