Archive for November, 1997

The VJCL helped organise a tournament
in Healesville on Sunday 2nd
November. The tournament was part of
the annual “Gateway Festival”. In 1998
we will hopefully schedule an RJ Shield
to coincide with this festival and parents
can spend the day looking round
Healesville while the kids are occupied
with a chess tournament.
You may recognise some names below
from previous chess tournaments or
possibly interschool championships.
Final Scores
7.0 Edward Krstic
5.5 Radoslav Krstic
5.0 Vlado Sedlarevic
4.5 Nathan Williams, James Harris
4.0 Paul Nicholls, Jarryd, Nicky
3.5 Shaun Jones, Lachlan Arthur ,
son, Callum Bilton Gough
3.0 Matt Dzikowski, Andrew Sulli
van, Emile Violi, Sarah Sullivan
2.5 Andrew Cousins, Jarret Barber
1.5 Mairead Bilton Gongh, Matthew