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Chess Ideas developed the idea of the Johansen Cup at of 1997. It is named after Grandmaster Darryl Johansen from Melbourne. Darryl is Australia’s 2nd GM and only recently received the title. Grandmaster is the highest title that can awarded by FIDE (International Chess Federation).

To qualify for Johansen Cup event you must have played at least one previous VJCL event and have achieved a rating of 1100 or more.

The VJCL organises tournaments at either end of the spectrum (i.e. Novice, and State Championship). However, there is a gap in the middle that is now being filled by the Johansen Cup. This is an event for those talented juniors who want to play an entire tournament against people of their standard. It combines the best players in all age groups to provide a very tough little tournament. The Johansen Cup will continue as a tournament with about 20 – 30 players, all of the highest standard.

Johansen Cup Chess Tournament

May 1997. 7 Rounds. 23 Players.