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By Melissa Alexander
In the “B” finals of the chess tournament held at Essex Heights last year, there were lots of tough competitors but Camelot Rise Primary proved best by winning by 4 points ahead of Woorana Park. They received $300 worth of chess equipment as well as receiving trophies and a plaque for their school. Second place was Woorana Park Primary, followed by St Brigid’s Primary “B”.

By John Scott Stokes
On the sixth of December, 1996, five of us from Camelot Rise Primary School represented our school at an Interschool Chess Competition at Essex Heights Primary School. Four grade sixers, Chong Kee Koh, Stephanie Kalkbrenner, Melissa Alexander and myself, John Scott Stokes and one grade fiver, Andrew Kladakis, took part. It was the State finals. David Cordover, the Junior Chess Champion of Australia, had prepared us very well. When we got there David started calling out names and tables so we all sat and began to play our chess games. After a few rounds we started to think that we could win. After that we won nearly all the games we played. At the end of each round we looked at the chart on the wall and we saw that we were coming close to first with another team. It was so close! Then we won all the games we played and the other team lost all their games and we came first in the state finals! David announced the winners for the ‘B’ grade finals, “Camelot Rise Primary School!” When David presented us with our trophies we all felt so pleased. It was an exciting day.

By Andrew Kladakis
Five students from Camelot Rise Primary School played! against several schools in the Interschool Chess Competition – B Division. Our team, Chong Kee Koh, Melissa
Alexander, Stephanie Kalkbrenner, John Scott Stokes and I put in a great effort to win first place and we were proud to show our trophies and display our winning plaque in the school office. Many thanks to David Cordover for coaching us through the year.

The Editor
And thank-you to those students for their contribution to this magzine.

Board Prizes B-Grade Finals
1. John Nemeth Woorana Park 8/8
2. Nathan Goode Mt Waverley Nth 6/8
3. Devin Van De Ven St. Brigids “B” 6/8
4. Melissa Alexander Camelot Rise 6/6

1996 interschool B-finals

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A-Grade Finals

With the two Doidge brothers on boards one and two it was always going to be tough to knock off Mont Albert Primary School. However even with the Doidges winning 13.5/15 games it is still a team competition, and without their boards 3 and 4 the team wouldn’t have won. James Weatherhead, board 3, scored a brilliant 8/8 to take out the board prize and guarantee Mont Albert first place in the 1996 Primary Interschool Championships. Hayden Curry and Daniel Wells were the remainder of the team scoring consistently on board 4.

Second place went to Fitzroy Community School who just scraped in ahead of Caulfield Grammar. Fitzroy Community didn’t have any member of the team shine, but it was a very solid team effort all four with members, Warren Howden, Imogen Hamel-Green, Cameron Flemming and Nick Van Duyn playing well on the day.

Many thanks to all the parents and teachers who helped on the day, and also to Essex Heights for hosting the day.

Board Prizes A-Grade Finals
1. Richard Saw Glendal 7/7
2. Matthew Doidge Mont Albert 8/8
3. James Weatherhead Mont Albert 8/8
4. Janek Kornfeld Scotch 5/8

1996 interschool finals